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Looking for your business exposure to Russian market and would like to claim a fair share among Russian-speaking consumers, meaning more customers for you and higher net income?

Then, you definitely need to advertise yourself via Yandex Paid Search. Online Russian market is rapidly growing and now Russia’s consumers search for things online to buy more than ever before. Over the last year alone, the rate of searching and buying for goods and services in Russia more than doubled. Mobile Internet is also rapidly increasing among Russian consumers. And no, most Russian consumers don’t use Google.

Yandex is their primary destination for online search.

Yandex Direct Paid Search

Why Yandex Paid Search?

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia and one of the biggest Internet companies in Europe. Around 75% of all annual search traffic in Russia happens via Yandex. And we’re talking about unique searches, meaning over 57 million individuals.

For your business, operating outside Russia and being able to offer quality, something different or highly competitive to the Russian market meeting the needs of Russian consumers may be an advantage as well. Advertising your business via Yandex Paid Search you, only pay for results.

Contextual advertising via Yandex is also customized to display ads when the user clearly expressed interest in your type of product or service. Your ads won’t have to fight for the users attention, but offering something that the user have already asked.

More Benefits of using Yandex Paid Search

Moreover, using Yandex Paid Search Services you also get an opportunity to be advertised in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkey as Yandex operates in those countries as well and widely used among Russian speakers. If you’re looking for more customers (and what business doesn’t?) online Russian market may have a great potential for you. You wouldn’t want to miss out such chance. Russian online market is a big market and then advertising via Yandex Paid Search is out of question.

If you’re not very familiar with Yandex, or don’t know how much your product or services can be relevant to the Russian market, ask the experts and give it a go. You’ll get professional advice whether there is a potential for your business within Russian market proven by most recent statistics. Digital SkyLab will set up advertising campaigns for you and they’ll be looked after.

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