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Google Paid Search

You surely heard about Google before and perhaps already know something about its paid search power. Or, as a business owner, at least you heard that Google advertising exists and helps millions of businesses around the world to find their customers and make higher profits.

Google influence in the online marketing world is undeniably huge. The numbers of monthly visitors to the sites which can be found via Google are around 200 million.

There are certainly your potential customers among them and that’s where your business needs to be advertised.

Starting in February 2022, we’re increasing the promotional credits for new clients accounts from £75 to £370.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Ads Marketing Campaign

For successful online marketing, it’s crucial that your advertising targets the right audience. No matter how local or global your business is or whether the main business activities are online or offline, Google advertising can be set up specifically customized to your business. PPC is all about driving prospective consumers to your website that initially expressed interest in your product or service and are potentially ready to do business with you.

As a Google Partner, Digital SkyLab can be a real saver for your business and a new source of higher income. We’ll set up campaigns for you keeping the cost as low as possible with maximum benefits for your business making sure your ads are displayed to as many users as it can be and the ads are relevant to consumer needs and interests generating a healthy amount of leads, engagements and sales.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Ads Campaign Optimisation

If you run Google Adwords campaigns already and not happy with the results, or feel that with an expert approach you certainly could gain more customers out of it, then we can help to optimise your existing campaigns.

We’ll measure your PPC campaigns current results, suggest ways to improve performance and implement it for you. Just ask the experts at Digital SkyLab to land a hand.

Our services include:

  • Thorough Google AdWords campaign analysis
  • Improvement of your ads campaign performance
  • Developing unique saleable proposals in ads content
  • Measurement of Google campaigns success

What Digital SkyLab can deliver for your business:

  • Plan, create, implement and analyse PPC campaigns
  • Provide keyword research analysis for PPC campaigns
  • Set up, coordinate and monitor PPC campaigns differentiating geography and in different languages
  • Carry out market research and competitors’ campaigns analysis
  • Develop a landing page specifically for PPC to get High Quality Rank in search
  • Suggest innovative approach and new smart strategy to improve rankings across all major search engines

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network allows you to put your ads (context ad, banners, video) on different websites, blogs and other niche Internet sites across the web to reach more prospective customers.

It can show the ads in different formats identifying your niche market and targeting people who’re likely to be interested in your business.

It’s a good way to reach new consumers as not all customers always directly search for goods and services but will be happy to discover that a business like yours exists as it matches their hobbies and interests and will want to buy your products.

Video Advertising

Video advertising is quite powerful as well and can be very effective if implemented correctly. Video advertising is also a great way to create awareness. It’s a good way to embrace a very large audience and drive more sales. Potential of video advertising is enormous as well as well as the exposure. You can learn more about video advertising here

If you have any questions or need help right now with anything mentioned above do not hesitate to get in touch with Digital SkyLab experts, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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