Brand Identity and Printed Media

Brand Identity, Logo Design and Print Media

Business Identity and Branding

What is business identity? And why is it important in the business world? Identity is something that instantly tells who you are. Any company needs to be identified and associated with unique credentials, something that will make your business easily recognisable and differentiate from other companies who offer similar products or services, or anything else, in fact. No doubt, a company’s identity is an integrated part of the business success (or failure).

Your business identity, first of all, is represented via a business logo – the first introduction of your company to any potential customers, the face of your business, you can say. The logo can be used across a large variety of things related to your business. For example, it could be used on birthday or Christmas parties or other event invitations, thank you cards, stationery, gifts, staff uniforms or t-shirts to give away, magnets, postcards, flyers and lots of other promotional merchandise & marketing products, signs, banners and more. It can be used in email marketing and across social media as well, of course.

Print Design and Marketing

In today’s digital world print design may be seen as something out of date, however, in fact, print marketing still does exist and is an important component of many well-managed integrated marketing and advertising campaigns.

At Digital SkyLab we can professionally advise on the colours of the website best suited for your business. You can take a modern approach and incorporate colour psychology into the design. It’s a really good thing to use considering how complex and dynamic the business environment is today.

The same principle can be applied to the design of a logo, company letters, business cards and other business merchandise.

Logo Design with Digital SkyLab

Digital SkyLab rates for a logo design are the following:

  • £750 – £1500 – if your idea of a logo is straightforward and not too complex to execute from a design point of view. It may also cover work needed to smarten up and refresh an existing logo
  • £1500 – £2000 – if you look for a standalone logo mark or need an application icon design. It qualifies for small businesses, self-employed, freelancers and consultants.

Get in touch to discuss what print advertising can be done with us for your business. At Digital SkyLab we produce things with creative approach and quality.

Print Advertising is done with Digital SkyLab

At the Digital SkyLab you can get the following:

  • Newspaper and magazine ad designs
  • Business signs and banners
  • Product packaging design
  • Marketing design for tradeshow booths
  • Banners and posters designs
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Newsletters
  • Direct mail marketing
  • and a lot more

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