About Digital SkyLab

The forward-thinking company in design, web-development and search marketing

Digital SkyLab is a well-established London based company with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing helping other businesses to succeed. We provide a wide range of services in online marketing and have an array of portfolios of successful projects. Our primary Clients are small and medium-size businesses, start-ups, as well as private clients.

Digital SkyLab is an online marketing company with a record proven success, a company which can be trusted and deliver excellent results. We are client-oriented and always take an individual approach to every project we take to find the best solutions which solve the Client’s specific problems and response to their business demands. We promise – we deliver.

Why Digital SkyLab is the right choice for your business?


  • Professional and individual approach, proven expertise, quality results
  • Creativity, knowledge, know-how
  • We deliver within set budget and on time
  • We use latest versions of software and modern days technology
  • Efficient and effective outcomes
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Wide portfolio of successful projects
  • Multinational Clients
  • Range of customer support options to maintain your campaigns, monitor and track results

We’re very passionate about what we do. Digital SkyLab hires some of really talented people with relevant expertise in the field, who are creative, tech- and business-savvy, and able to listen and understand the Client’s needs, can come up with a clear and concise proposal as well as have all the skills and knowledge to execute it.

Our success is driven by making other businesses to succeed. Digital SkyLab offers a flexible range of customer support options, which means once we’ve done work for you, you won’t be forgotten and left on your own to maintain it (unless you’ll want you).

We have a range of customer support options to look after your digital marketing advertising campaigns on ongoing basis. Your digital marketing bit will still be monitored by experts while you’ll be enjoying the great outcomes of your business being transformed.

Digital Marketing Services with a personal touch! We provide outstanding customer service by personalising our customers’ experiences. We take time to get to know our customers, whether we do so by talking to them in person or by gathering data of their preferences using surveys programmes.

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